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About the FTF-SYSTEM Company

Over 12 year FTF SYSTEMS is involved in production and development of industrial purification filters for the following industries: Food Industry, Pharmacology, Oil Refinary, Metalurgy. Our products help to reduce expenses on purification using self-cleaning filters. They can work even without application of human assistance. Such kind of filters make purification better and work much longer, which helps to reduce costs and increases profits of an enterprise.

FTF-SYSTEM filters are created on a base of own developements, technology and numerous of prototypes. We try to combine quality, capacity and competitveness in our products in comparison with foreign analogs. The technology used in DANKER self-cleaning filters has never been available in the world market before.

Besides the above mentioned features our prices are very affordable and attractive. Our main clients are the companies that would like to save money on regular purchases of filters. Usual filters wear out very quickly and can lead to essential expenses even for budget of a large manufacturing enterprise. Only one self-cleaning filter of FTF SYSTEM could save over 25 000 – 30 000 dollars in a year for enterprise that specilized on purification of fine oil. FTF SYSTEM provide clients not only with products but individual solutions also!

Leave us your contacts and start cooperating with us right now

The company is not limited to the usual sectors where filters are used. The FTF-SYSTEM constantly manufactures custom design purification systems. It helps to implement and develop those scientific developments and ideas which are not required in typical production. Unusual orders are our main source of technical innovations.

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