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  • Oil pulp strainer. Filter of preliminary purification of seed oils

    The owners of the manufacturing enterprises perfectly know which product is easier to sell when creating oil. A coarse has a high cost and the demand for it has been significantly exceeding the demand for seed oil itself for many years. Therefore, it clearly wouldn’t hurt to have a filter of sunflower oil purification from coarse which will collect it locally. Before the filtration process of almost any seed oil, right after extraction, the DANKER oil pulp strainer can be implemented. It will not only perfectly pre-filters sunflower, flax, soy, mustard, pumpkin and other types of oils, but it will also establish an easy way out for expensive insoluble suspensions (solids, peelings and other coarse).

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  • Centrifugal oil purification filter

    The centrifugal oil purification filter is designed to extract remaining oil from coarse of higher oil content. Instead of selling feed additives, you can separate redundant oil from the coarse and get a full-featured hyper-nutritious feed, for which livestock farms are willing to pay much more. The finished feed with plenty of protein and fiber, as well as with optimal fat content removes a problem of finding and combining all of these components separately.

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  • Pumping stations for thick food products

    Pumping stations are designed for pumping food liquids on an industrial scale. Used for pumping various food products, such as vegetable oils, syrups, brines, wines, dairy products. Pump stations are manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications provided by the customer. The capacity is from 100 liters per hour to 10 tons per hour. Equipped with an automatic control panel.

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  • Filter lines of seed oils

    A filter line of seed oil involves the complete cycle of seed oil filtration. It works in a completely autonomous mode. Immediately after the oil press, the pump unit supplies the oil to the oil pulp strainer for pre-filtration. After the oil pulp strainer, the pre-cleaned oil is automatically pumped to the fine filter. Solids, peelings and other coarse separated by the oil pulp strainer move by a screw conveyor for loading to the centrifugal oil purification filter for remaining oil extraction.

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  • Fine filters with heating system

    They are intended for fine purification of various seed oils (sunflower, soy, rape, mustard, corn, flax, pumpkin, etc.). Fine filters remove waxes from seed oils (phospholipids). At low temperatures, seed oils become viscous that complicates the filtration process, which, in turn, directly sharply reduces the performance of filters. To optimize the filtration process, at the request of a customer, fine filters can be equipped with an intermediate (buffer) reservoir with a heating system.

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  • Fine seed oil filter

    Our latest development, in which foreign partners from Europe participated, are DANKER sunflower oil filters, equipped with a self-cleaning system. This is an advanced technical development in the field and to date there is no industrial filter in the world that is capable of performing the same functions.

    To create it, we needed to go beyond the usual and look at the process of filtering from a new angle. Washing and replacement of filter elements disturbed many customers, because for this it was necessary to stop production for a long time and to burden the workers with unproductive tasks. Therefore, we have developed a filter for cleaning sunflower oil, which could work almost without stopping, but it does not clog.

    The self-cleaning system can perform its functions even during the normal operation of the filter without stopping the production. That is, the companies of our customers can maintain high quality products without having to stop the work for washing, since the system self-cleaning without practically no participation of workers.

    As a result, filters «DANKER»:

    • Filter the most qualitatively and without stopping production
    • Cleaned independently during work
    • Eliminate customers from dirt in production
    • Help save money and time on maintenance.

    Thanks to the self-cleaning system, our sunflower oil filters never clog the filter surface with mechanical suspensions. From this, the resource of equipment is multiplied, and it can work 6 times longer than a typical filter. It does not even need to reduce the flow of liquid and there is no need to reduce the usual working rhythm.

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  • Pressure-vacuum frame semi-automatic filter press

    Пресс выжимки масла получил своё название благодаря своей внешней схожести с рамочным прессом и тому, что его так принялись называть в народе. На самом деле, никакого отношения к прессованию агрегат не имеет. Он превосходно фильтрует различные пищевые жидкости и растительные масла, но нагнетание давления в нём осуществляется при помощи насоса, а не пресса.

    Этот фильтр имеет классическую схему устройства. Так же как и пресс-фильтр для масла в нём в виде фильтрующего элемента выступает набор из рамок, внутри которых натянут фильтрующий тканный материал. Соответственно, чем больше рамок установлено, тем чище в итоге масло или другой продукт фильтрации. Однако за качество приходится платить скоростью фильтрации, поэтому предприятия обычно подбирают в FTF-SYSTEM вариант с оптимальной для собственных мощностей производительностью.

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