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Filters for the food industry

The use of filters for the food industry increases production efficiency and improves finished product quality, for example, under fluids filtering and particulate trapping. It is also important that the use of filtration equipment directly affects the reduction of expenses associated with the acquisition and liquidation of intermediate products, water, and energy consumption. Much attention is paid to the issue of environmental protection in the development of industrial filters.

The FTF-System Company offers to equip an industrial line with reliable and technological filters for the food industry, designed to solve a wide range of problems. Based on many years of experience and the latest developments in the field of filtration, we create modern equipment with many advantages as compared to analogous products of competitor companies.

Use patterns of filters for the food industry

The use of the FTF-System filtering units in food complexes are intended to clean viscous fluids from coarse particles to obtain a constant consistency, improve the raw materials quality, and protect products from harmful organisms. Filter elements have high dirt-holding capacity, mechanical strength and are chemically compatible with the working fluid, and the filtration rate provides high productive capacity.

How to order filters for the food industry?

How to order filters for the food industry?

To purchase filtering equipment, call us and we will promptly produce a filter for the food industry that meets your requirements and the specifics of the enterprise. We provide an opportunity to pay in any convenient way, as well as delivery of the device to any locality.

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