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Core areas

By purchasing our equipment, you get:

Clean production site

Advanced technologies and high filtration quality

Your business hours and labor input saving

Energy capacity, efficiency and reliability of operation

Quality is much better than quantity

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DANKER filters are reusable and do not need replacement. We are sure that the product you purchased will meet all your requirements. Our products are designed in such a way as to ensure reliable operation, simplicity and ease of operation. Our filters are reliability and quality tested by time. Time is money. To keep up to date.

Equipment for sunflower oil production and purification

Our company has been working for more than 12 years in the field of design, development and production of the general industrial filtration equipment.

The FTF-System focuses exclusively on the creation of high-quality domestic product, that’s why our equipment for oil mill in Ukraine has no equal in reliability and performance.

We are always oriented towards new developments, thus all our equipment has many brand new technological advantages over existing on the market foreign analogues.

We always focus on new developments, so our filters have a lot of fundamentally new technological developments and advantages over existing on the market foreign analogues. Sunflower oil production requires the mandatory improvement of gustatory characteristics and marketable condition of the finished product through the use of industrial filters, which eliminates mechanical impurities and heavy fats from the composition.

Using Danker lines of filtration and post-processing of seed oil in the production process allows you to rationalize resource consumption, increase productive capacity and minimize costs associated with waste disposal.

The price of equipment for sunflower oil production in Ukraine depends on many factors, the main ones of which are effectiveness and productive capacity.

Our equipment includes the following components:

Oil mill

provides efficient processing of raw materials

Oil pulp strainer

pre-cleanses and eliminates the need to clarify oil

Centrifugal oil purification filter

allows to make the most of raw materials use

Fine filter

allows to achieve perfect filtration quality

Buying equipment for sunflower oil production from us means purchasing a reliable filtration system with a long lifetime. Being in constant contact with customer, we continue to improve industrial filters and develop our own technologies.

Equipment for sunflower oil purification and filtration

The FTF-SYSTEM this is the best equipment for extraction and filtration of seed oils

In the course of work, industrial enterprises and individuals are constantly faced with filtration problems. The filtration process involves purification, washing, regeneration or replacement of filter elements clogged with mechanical impurities. Equipment for seed oils filtration is not an exception. Filter cleaning is labor intensive process, requiring additional time and labor, which does not make economic sense. Danker self-cleaning industrial filters will solve all your problems. We will rid you from dirt in the production site, save your working time, advise you on all filtration issues.

What is the difference between seed oil production equipment and self-cleaning system? The self-cleaning system prevents clogging and regulates the flow of new filtered fluid to the filtering surface, thereby increasing filter durability and achieving higher purification quality.

Very often there is a need to buy equipment for the production of seed oil for non-standard conditions of use. In this case, we can design and manufacture the filter you need in accordance with the provided specifications in which it will be operated.


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It is often necessary to buy the equipment for seed oil production for nonstandard application conditions. In this case, we can design and manufacture the filter you need in accordance with the provided technical specifications in which it will be operated.

Are you interested in resources and time saving?

Choose domestic equipment for seed oil purification!

Our country traditionally obtains one of the world’s heaviest yields of oil crops. Consequently, we certainly know how to process the yield most effectively and maximize economic benefit. Many years of experience of our company’s successful activity in the field of purification reflects competitive ability of domestic products, and moreover – shows technical superiority of the Ukrainian industrial filters over foreign analogues.

The equipment for an oil mill of our production is of high production quality, and in position to fully adapt to work in the set conditions, and has reasonable price. Reliability and productive capacity of the equipment are confirmed by extensive client base of the enterprise not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Custom-made equipment for seed oil production passes all quality control steps and is ready for connection. Documentation to certify the quality of materials and components is attached.

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