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Laboratory analysis of filtered fluids.

 Our enterprise has a specialized laboratory where preliminary analyses of filtered fluids are carried out. Employees of our laboratory carry out necessary research and filtration of samples within the shortest possible time, therefore you can promptly consult the detailed reports. All you need is to send us a sample of your material, and after necessary activities you will receive the results of preliminary analysis and filtration of the sample provided.
In addition to a variety of sample types, the FTF-System laboratory analyzes key parameters such as fluid density and viscosity, as well as the density of petroleum products.

Determination of fluid density

The density of fluids is defined as the ratio of mass to unit volume of substances. This parameter is measured in our laboratory quickly enough and as accurately as possible thanks to experienced professionals working with modern equipment. Such instruments as an areometer, a portable density meter and an automatic density meter help to achieve accurate results in a matter of minutes.

Another key indicator in the analysis is the fluid viscosity, which characterizes the fluidity of a substance, or resistance to movement of a substance. The most common measurement method is to use a capillary viscometer. The relative fluid volume of a certain temperature passes through the capillary of the instrument under the gravity force. Viscosity is determined by means of a formula that uses the liquid outflow time in the capillary viscometer.

In the laboratory, we use not only traditional methods, but also more advanced technologies. Express determination of fluid viscosity is also carried out by means of Viscometer Baths and an automatic viscosity analyzer.

Petroleum products density determination.

In the company’s laboratory, the exact level of density, relative density, and API gravity for a variety of petroleum products are determined. Density values are measured by standardized instruments, both at normal temperatures and at all possible temperatures arising during transportation and storage. Using an automatic density meter, the density can be quickly measured at any convenient temperature. The device independently recalculates the density level at the desired temperature using the given formulas and tables, completely eliminating the human factor.

We are ready to conduct a free laboratory analysis of the filtered fluid

Fluid-density meter during pump operation

The company’s laboratory works not only on the analysis of samples for customers. Our employees regularly conduct researches which can increase efficiency and reliability of products.

It is known that when the temperature rises, the petroleum products density decreases. Thus, the more a substance is heated, the lower its density is. We care about our customers, therefore a large-scale study of density level of various substances with which the FTF-System equipment interacts was conducted. To improve the performance of products, in particular pumps, when designing, the difference in the density of fluids of different temperatures is taken into account.

In the laboratory of our company, new studies designed to improve the quality of products are regularly conducted. We use only certified equipment and cooperate only with qualified specialists.
In the FTF-System we aim to produce only high-quality equipment. Regular improvement and work for customers are the key to success of our company!

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