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Centrifugal oil purification filter

The centrifugal oil purification filter is designed to extract remaining oil from coarse of higher oil content. Instead of selling feed additives, you can separate redundant oil from the coarse and get a full-featured hyper-nutritious feed, for which livestock farms are willing to pay much more. The finished feed with plenty of protein and fiber, as well as with optimal fat content removes a problem of finding and combining all of these components separately.

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The FTF-SYSTEM produces vacuum filters for seed oil purification with different variations of loading and unloading of products. We easily can make both mechanical and completely automatic option. By default, the DANKER centrifugal oil purification filters are equipped with an automatic control panel. For the purpose of equipment stable operation, the balancing system is mounted directly inside the filter housing.

For safe equipment operation, it has an embedded electric contact sensor. It controls the closing density of the top cover, which is conveniently fixed by lift shock absorbers. If a customer wants to tightly fix the oil purification centrifuge, s/he can use lifting loops that are built into the lower part of the housing.

There is no need to fasten anchors to the floor. The filter can be equipped with custom-made mounting options, according to premises size and the number of production cycles of the particular production.

The demand for quality coarse is so great that buyers are literally “hunting” for enterprises that produce oil. Moreover, everybody from farms to chemical plants is ready to buy coarse in lots, which are limited only by the performance of the particular plant. It is much easier to sell it, and requests for coarse literally are received in tons. The only thing left is to arrange sufficient production capacity.

Upgrade your company and introduce oil purification by means of a centrifuge. No other purchase in your life has paid off as fast as a purchase of a compact DANKER centrifugal oil purification filter. It will start saving your time, money and work force from the first hours of work, and the next moment bringing you tangible net profit.

The operating principle of the centrifugal oil purification filter you can see on the video:



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