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Pumping stations for thick food products

Pumping stations are designed for pumping food liquids on an industrial scale. Used for pumping various food products, such as vegetable oils, syrups, brines, wines, dairy products. Pump stations are manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications provided by the customer. The capacity is from 100 liters per hour to 10 tons per hour. Equipped with an automatic control panel.

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The food industry uses specialized equipment. To this equipment, and especially food pumps for viscous products, high demands are placed on the effect on the composition of the product and the hygiene of the components. Accordingly, the use of typical industrial equipment in such enterprises is prohibited by the law of the absolute majority of countries.

Types of food pumps

Since not all pumps are suitable for any food, they can be divided into three fundamental groups: general purpose, dairy and wine. They are usually distinguished from the technical point of view, details that are insignificant from a technical point of view. Nevertheless, it is by no means possible to use a pump for pumping sunflower oil in the work with milk. This will affect the composition of milk and its implementation will be banned.

Pumps for pumping milk

For pumps of this type, the food industry presents very specific requirements. They differ markedly from pumps of other types by their design. Since dairy products are of different fat content and consistency, which directly affects the quality of food and its characteristics, the equipment should preserve their organoleptic properties.

Such pumps have a sparing effect on the product. They work so as not to beat the milk and are made exclusively of non-toxic and food materials. The design of such a pump excludes the preservation of remnants of processing inside the shell and, even more so, the possibility of multiplying bacteria.

Pumps for pumping vegetable oil

Since a large number of FTF-SYSTEM customers are engaged in the production of oil, pumps for vegetable oil and filtering equipment of this type are given to our company best. Having tested hundreds of variants, having tested them on manufacture of various scales, we already precisely know, what equipment will ideally approach on the concrete enterprise.

Our food equipment is polished electrolytically to give the metal surface inside and outside the shell maximum smoothness. The metals themselves strictly conform to world standards and are absolutely hygienic.

We can choose the complete set and technical characteristics of the system of any capacity specially for the needs of the client. In this case, the customer will buy a pump for pumping sunflower oil and pay exactly for the productivity that he needs and not a penny more. This is possible due to the fact that the pump will be developed individually for a specific production.

Each product of our company is supplied ready-made and of the highest quality. We make systems as automated as modern technological progress allows. FTF-SYSTEM together with foreign colleagues is engaged in the development and creation of systems for cleaning and pumping the latest generation, for the maintenance of which there will be only a small effort of one person.

The efficiency of our purification systems is one of the most advanced developments of the planet, and their compactness and environmental friendliness often allows them to take over them. Each pump for transferring sunflower oil Danker will give a technological edge to any analogue in the market, but at the same time it will always preserve a fair and democratic price tag.



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