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Fuel filtration filters

Filters are designed for cleaning various fuels and lubricants (fuels and lubricants) from mechanical impurities. Filters are used to remove excess lubricants and mechanical impurities from fuel and lubricants. The equipment can be used to clean used oil. The fineness of the filtration is established in accordance with the technical tasks of the customer. The size and cost of filters directly depends on its performance. The throughput of filters depends on the size of the cell and the size of the filter cloth.

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At the moment, self-cleaning filters “DANKER” have no analogues and are a completely new step in the filtration process. Filters “DANKER” will radically change your views on the filtration process. When developing these filters, we took into account our many years of experience, taking into account modern filtration technologies, as well as taking into account the wishes of our customers as much as possible.

DANKER filters are equipped with a self-cleaning system mounted directly inside the filter housing. It is very important that the self-cleaning system continuously works during the normal operation of the filter, which ensures a high quality of cleaning and filtration directly during operation and does not require stopping the washing system.

The filter cleaning system works automatically during operation, which prevents clogging of the filter surface by mechanical suspensions, which greatly increases the service life of the filter providing an excellent filtering quality without reducing the flow of the filtered liquid. This saves your resources and saves you from dirt in production. The equipment of the maximum complete set and it is completely ready to work. Attending staff is one person. Compact and high productivity. Our equipment – saving your resources and time.



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