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Pumping stations for non-food liquid products

Pumping stations are designed for pumping viscous non-food liquids. They are used mainly for pumping over all kinds of fuel and lubricants: fuel oil, heating oil, diesel fuel or even glue. Pump stations are manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications provided by the customer. The capacity is from 100 liters per hour to 10 tons per hour. Equipped with an automatic control panel.

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Practically any production requires the pumping of a liquid. And if it is a liquid with a high density and viscosity, the problem can not be solved as simply as we would like. For the transfer of such a substance will require a more powerful pump, often of a special design, which will not clog and will withstand the required load.

Pumps for swapping viscous liquids

If even the most primitive equipment handles the pumping of small volumes of water, then completely different capacities are required to work with fuel. It is obvious that the oil pumping pump, unlike the usual, will withstand almost any load and will solve such a specific problem 10 times faster.

You should not even try to pump complex, viscous substances with an unsuitable low-power pump. At best, the case will end with equipment failure without the possibility of recovery, and at worst, it will lead to an accident.

Of course, you can install a special glue pump, which can handle even fuel oil. But why spend money on buying a pump for every single task, if there are universal analogs that are designed for any viscous liquids. For example, a pump of our production Danker, which can be exclusively equipped for the needs of your company.

Pumps for the transfer of petroleum and petroleum products

Oil production is an extremely laborious process. From the stage of production itself and down to its underground distillation over long distances, a whole string of pumps is used to pump oil products. First, pumps are used that extract the water-oil-oil emulsion itself, then those that are distilled to the reservoir.

In the next stages, pumps can be introduced that pre-prepare the oil and help separate the formation water and the oil gas from the produced product. If the field also maintains reservoir pressure maintenance technology, a system for pumping water back into the wells can also be built in the pumping station.

Our company develops specifically multiphase pumps with the highest level of performance, which are engaged in the transfer of petroleum products.

Pumps for swapping fuel

Also in industrial enterprises there is a need for pumps for pumping gasoline and other fuels. They can be very useful if you need to refuel powerful machinery or transport gasoline to another location. Such equipment will be especially useful in large-scale production of the fuel itself. FTF-SYSTEM provides pumps for these purposes. We are able to carry out almost any individual order with a very wide coverage of the possible final productivity – from 100 liters to 10 tons per hour.

A quality fuel pump saves the owner of the production from a number of problems. With its help, it is possible how quickly to pump gasoline into tanks, and to provide with energy the gluttonous professional equipment of the whole enterprise. Often, such pumps have a limited period of permanent operation and can only function for 30 minutes. Even during this time, a quality pump can pump several tons of fuel, but we can also make a system that can work much longer or even continuously.

Since different types of fuel have different density and viscosity, the customer can search for individual equipment for each purpose. However, this is not required, since FTF-SYSTEM has developed a single pump for diesel fuel, heating oil and even fuel oil, which will cope with fuel of any viscosity.



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