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Oil pulp strainer. Filter of preliminary purification of seed oils

The owners of the manufacturing enterprises perfectly know which product is easier to sell when creating oil. A coarse has a high cost and the demand for it has been significantly exceeding the demand for seed oil itself for many years. Therefore, it clearly wouldn’t hurt to have a filter of sunflower oil purification from coarse which will collect it locally. Before the filtration process of almost any seed oil, right after extraction, the DANKER oil pulp strainer can be implemented. It will not only perfectly pre-filters sunflower, flax, soy, mustard, pumpkin and other types of oils, but it will also establish an easy way out for expensive insoluble suspensions (solids, peelings and other coarse).

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Preliminary purification with an oil pulp strainer frees up a huge space, which was previously occupied by tanks for oil clarification. With the DANKER filter, oil clarification is no longer needed. Moreover, after pre-cleaning, the oil can be fed directly to the fine filter for subsequent filtration, which will preserve the entire automatism of the process and will not “slow down” the production.

Since the coarse is in great demand on farm enterprises and in dozens of different areas, a filter for sunflower oil, capable to qualitatively produce it, is an irreplaceable tool to increase profits. Because of the extremely high demand, the price of coarse only continues to grow, so it is better not to delay its acquisition.

The FTF-SYSTEM purification systems perfectly cope with the tasks and self-clean from needless impurities. Our latest development allows to implement a self-cleaning system right inside the filter housing. For this you do not need to stop the work of the entire production line and endlessly buy consumables. The equipment will perform purification without assistance, and its rare maintenance will take only a few minutes of working time of one employee.

Each customer of the FTF-SYSTEM can buy a custom-made filter for the purification of sunflower oil specifically for their production capacity. Both compact filters with a capacity of 100 liters/hour, and large-scale systems with a capacity of 10 tons of product over the same time period are commercially available.



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