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Pressure-vacuum frame semi-automatic filter press

Пресс выжимки масла получил своё название благодаря своей внешней схожести с рамочным прессом и тому, что его так принялись называть в народе. На самом деле, никакого отношения к прессованию агрегат не имеет. Он превосходно фильтрует различные пищевые жидкости и растительные масла, но нагнетание давления в нём осуществляется при помощи насоса, а не пресса.

Этот фильтр имеет классическую схему устройства. Так же как и пресс-фильтр для масла в нём в виде фильтрующего элемента выступает набор из рамок, внутри которых натянут фильтрующий тканный материал. Соответственно, чем больше рамок установлено, тем чище в итоге масло или другой продукт фильтрации. Однако за качество приходится платить скоростью фильтрации, поэтому предприятия обычно подбирают в FTF-SYSTEM вариант с оптимальной для собственных мощностей производительностью.

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Modern oil filter press

Instead of the antediluvian filter cloth on the plate (frame) of our press for oil and other food liquids, heavy-duty belting is installed. Heavy material, which is made from cotton yarn by means of a plain weave. This fabric is ideal for filtration, since its main feature is the possibility of slightly stretching and increasing its strength when wetting the material.

That is, the fabric in our “presses” for sunflower oil becomes even stronger and denser when it gets wet. And since we pass through it a thick liquid under strong pressure, it helps to clean the product 1.5 times better without any impact on the typical performance.

After installing all the necessary filter frames, they are tightly pressed against each other by a special clamping screw, just like in a press for pressing the fuse. Then, when everything is firmly fixed, a food pump is fed through the fabric of all frames with a powerful pump. It can be like vegetable oils and fats, and syrups, brines, acids and other common ingredients.

What is the price of the “press” for sunflower oil “DANKER”

The pricing of the filter is primarily composed of its performance. If the customer wants an automatic device that will filter for him more than 10 tons of product per hour, he will have to buy an oil press in the standard equipment. Such an aggregate will cost the customer 11,000 euros, which, given the productivity, can be called a democratic and reasonable price.

It is difficult to imagine how much liquid can pump such a pump without the resistance of the frame plates. It is likely that he is able to fill a small lake with water for a day. To buy a press for sunflower oil from FTF-SYSTEM it is possible and with a minimum productivity of 100 l / hour. This is the optimal indicator for small production.

Since the particles of the solid phase of the products (fuz) are retained on the fabric, it can be removed without difficulty and sold successfully to a livestock farm or other enterprise. For many entrepreneurs this will be a key moment when buying a filter, as today the price and demand for protein and fat-saturated elements of filtration far exceed the prices of vegetable oil. If you decide to buy a press for oil, it is better to buy our modern pressure-vacuum filter and multiply your earnings several times.



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