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Recycled process water filters

Filters are designed to purify water from mechanical impurities. They are suitable for waste water filtration, cooling towers water, intake basin water, irrigation water. Filter fineness is set according to customer’s technical specification. The size and cost of the filter for purification of process water directly depend on its productive capacity. Their capacity depends on the size of the cell and the size of the filter cloth.

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For comfortable working and living conditions, a human being necessarily needs clean water. Moreover, enterprises simply do not have choice, since untreated water can be extremely dangerous to health and harm the special equipment of industrial water treatment. Even if it is intended for technical purposes and not for consumption, dangerous organic compounds, salts and mechanical impurities will not stop the harmful influence.
Regardless of the purposes for which the enterprises use industrial water, they are obliged to observe a certain level of its quality. Though it is regulated depending on the purpose and type of production, industrial filters for water purification are still indispensable. After all, they directly affect the service life of very expensive production equipment.

Industrial purity water filter

From automobile disks cutting to mineral wells – well purified water has a great impact on quality of a finished product and resistance of the equipment against wear. In the food and cosmetics industry, where water is the cornerstone of the whole production process, attempts to save on water treatment equipment, in the best case, result in inability to compete. In the worst case, they damage the health of the consumer, and therefore the reputation of the company.

That is why the choice of filtration equipment should be made very carefully. To select a high-quality filter, it is necessary to pay special attention to its technical characteristics. After all, the capability to get rid of mechanical impurities depends on them.

An important factor in making the choice is a filter capacity.

It is measured by the amount of liters of water that the machine is able to purify in an hour. Next, the fineness of filtration, which affects the level of purification. It is measured in micrometers. And of course the pressure fall that the filter is able to withstand. It is specified in atmospheres.

It is important to understand that industrial filters for water purification, the price of which can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of hryvnias, are made of different materials. Pricing is directly related to its design and quality of materials, and not to the accessories and the availability of electronic control panels. A filter for 1,000 euros will always lose to a more expensive solution and electronics has nothing to do with it.

Anyway, the main attention should be paid to the type of purification, and only then to thecapacity.It is at this stage where significant cost savings can be made. Purification can be: passive, mechanical and automatic.

In the first case, the contamination has to be removed manually. To do this, it is necessary to stop the production process, drain the fluid and rinse the cartridge filter. This could lead to losses and waste of workers’ time.
The second option already implies self-cleaning by means of reverse flows, which makes it possible not to stop the production process and helps to save.
The third option it is an automatic cleaning – an engineering masterpiece. When the surface of such an industrial water filter is clogged, the system gets rid of contaminants by itself and confidently continues to work.
As for today, the DANKER self-cleaning filters have no analogues and are a completely new step in filtration process. The DANKER filters will fundamentally change your view of a filtration process. Developing these filters, we took into account many years of experience based on modern filtration technologies, and tried to reflect in the best way our customers’ wishes. The DANKER industrial water filters are equipped with a self-cleaning system mounted directly inside the filter housing.

It is very important that the self-cleaning system works continuously during normal operation of the filter, which ensures high purification and filtration quality directly during the operation and there is no need to stop the system to wash it. The filter cleaning system works automatically during operation, thus preventing clogging of the filter surface with mechanical suspensions, which multiplies filter service life of the industrial water purification system providing excellent filtration quality without reducing the flow of the filtered fluid. It saves your resources and helps you to keep the production site clean.

Equipment is completely packaged and fully ready to work. The maintenance staff is one person. Compactness and highefficiency. Our equipment saves your resources and time.



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